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Casualty One - $800,000 Soft Contents Claim

"We didn’t just buy an Esporta, we didn’t just start a soft contents division, we started an entirely new company.” Eric Taylor, Casualty One.

Here’s a question for you.
What would you do if you bought an Esporta, and your first job was a claim that had more soft contents to clean than most Esporta operators process in 2 years? The easy answer would be; go into total panic mode, but, what Casualty One decided to do was take advantage of what comes with the Esporta purchase; utilizing the partnership and resources of being an ECO member.

Casualty One, in Palmdale, CA., installed their Esporta right before Christmas last year, at the very same time they were securing a large claim from the California wildfire event. This pack-out included soft contents with a replacement value of 3 million dollars, and an estimated cleaning cost of $800,000! The hard contents cleaning total came to $700,000, making the total claim $1,500,000! As you can imagine, Esporta answered their 911 call!

Less than 2 weeks after the Esporta was installed, (and even before the large pack-out was completed), Esporta’s director of training and ECONA’S quality assurance manager flew to California for 2 ½ days of intensive “Esporta boot camp training.” We were able to quickly give them a solid foundation for their soft contents company by establishing “best practices” for, (just to name a few), packing out, sorting the soft contents, facility design, finishing and packaging procedures, inventory practices, choosing a local dry cleaner, purchasing the right drying and pressing equipment, wash cycle procedures and business development advice. The end result: we gave them more than “best practices,” we gave them confidence, and, the ability to grow moving forward.

The results are tangible; after reorganizing their warehouse using Esporta’s “best practices” recommendations, the State Farm adjuster for this claim toured their facility.  He was so impressed that, the very next day, he assigned Casualty One 2 more soft content claims. Since our visit, just a month ago, they’ve added an additional 7 claims, packing out both hard and soft contents.

Additional claims are only part of the story. We were also able to help them save money with items that needed the services of a local dry cleaner. Even though the  “dry clean only” items make up only 5% of a claim, that’s still a lot on an $800,000 claim, so the guidance we provided for finding the right local dry cleaner was invaluable.


Here is an email I received 3 weeks after our training with Casualty One.

Afternoon Russ,

I wanted to reach out and thank you for all the training and expertise you have provided us during the startup of our new contents’ division. It has been amazing to have someone like you only a phone call away and as you know we have called like a bunch of telemarketers. 

I'd also like to thank you for the outstanding advice you provided in regards to finding a dry cleaner that would work to benefit our business. As you know we shopped around for dry cleaners prior to speaking with you and the best discounted rate we were offered was 20% off retail pricing. After speaking with you, we were able to head back out and try again using the information and methods you provided. You will be happy to know we found two cleaners able to handle the volume of items we need cleaned; both at a discounted rate of 40% off retail pricing with 30-day net pay, and with one company offering a 45% discount after 90 days if all goes well.

Eric Taylor, Casualty One

I know what you’re thinking: “Great, an $800,000 job and on-site training, how does that apply to me?” Well, other than claim size and geography, it does apply to you! All of the training and expertise that helped Casualty One “hit the ground running” are available to you as an Esporta operator:

  • the Esporta hub,
  • best practices training articles,
  • the newsletter,
  • on-site visits and
  • the Esporta physical,
    regional meetings,
  • skype calls,
  • emails, and phone calls.

Every resource we have is at your fingertips.

These are the “added values” of being a member that you cannot put a “price tag” on.

If you need help accessing these services, send us an email, or give us a call.


Don’t wait, maybe there’s not an $800,000 job on the horizon, but I can guarantee you, just like Casualty One, if you utilize our training and “best practices,” there are, at the very least, 7 more claims on the horizon waiting for you.

Let us help you get them, and, get ready for them!

Let’s redefine restoration by preparing to restore! 901-870-1356

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The first step towards transforming your business is as simple as filling in this form.

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