North American insurance companies saved over $5,000,000 in a sample of 634 insurance claims processed by Esporta Certified Operators.  These savings were achieved by using the Esporta Wash System to restore laundry, shoes, purses, clothing, and other textiles rather than replacing them.  Many of these restored items would have otherwise been considered non-restorable, cashed out, and sent to a landfill.  In addition to the substantial reduction in claim costs, these restoration companies also helped insurers achieve greater customer service ratings.  This increase in customer service ratings is made possible through a reduction in the number of service providers interacting with the policyholder, a faster and simpler claim settlement process, and greater success in restoring items with sentimental value.


Restoration dry-cleaners are typically called out to a fire or flood to handle the soft contents from fire or water claims.  These companies will use front loading wet washers as well as dry-cleaning machines and hand cleaning methods to restore soft contents.  Using these methods, a restoration dry-cleaner has the ability to handle a small percentage of the soft contents that have been affected.  The remaining goods are considered non-restorable, cashed out, and sent to a landfill for disposal. 


New technology called the Esporta iS4000 Wash System has come about to allow restoration contractors to restore soft contents in-house rather than having to subcontract them to a restoration dry-cleaner.  The Esporta iS4000 Wash System is capable of restoring an average of 90% of the soft contents in a home.  Esporta Certified Operators restore an average of 85% of the items that are considered non-restorable using other methods.  This significant increase in cleaning ability results in a reduction of claim costs for the insurer and an increase in revenue generated for the restoration contractor - a win-win for all parties.  

Jason Fletcher, owner of SERVPRO® of North Central Tazewell County IL SERVPRO explained, “Since we have incorporated the Esporta Wash System into our business it has allowed us to deliver a better product than the conventional front load wash machines we owned and we have saved thousands of dollars in dry-cleaning expenses. We are currently running about 99% of soft contents through our [Esporta] machine. My employees are thrilled about it as well; it truly has started to change our company in a great way".

Jason Fletcher/ Owner -


More and more property and casualty insurance companies are looking for full-service restoration companies that can offer a one-stop solution to meet their policyholders’ needs.  This trend is congruent with the J.D. Power and Associates insurance industry survey that indicated that customer satisfaction decreases significantly when the policyholder has more than two points of contact in the claim settlement scenario.  By adopting in-house contents restoration through the Esporta Wash System rather than subcontracting to a restoration dry-cleaner, the contractor has the ability to improve the customer satisfaction on the job.    


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