The Esporta’s ability to restore previously irrecoverable soft contents is unparalleled in the industry.

The Esporta Wash System's unique patented technology sets the new standard for the restoration of textiles and soft contents. The Esporta advanced washing technology Is five times more effective than traditional laundry with 50% less water consumption.


Make more money with your existing claim volume. 

Increase your revenue per claim. 

Wow your customers and adjusters with superior cleaning results.

Differentiate your business from your competitors.

Find out how Esporta can help you.


Changing the Insurance Business

Property Casualty 360 names the Esporta® Wash System as one of the 7 new technologies that are changing the insurance business.

Cleaning soft contents has always been a challenge, especially if there is biological contamination.


Wow your customers.

Restore sentimental and irreplaceable items that previously would have been sent to the dump.

Analytics & Reporting

The Esporta iS4000 is the first internet connected washing system in the world providing remote monitoring of all the wash parameters, loading and maintenance..  Esporta's SMART System can be viewed on any mobile device.

Top 5 Mistakes

Click to see the top 5 mistakes restoration companies make when they invest in contents restoration equipment.

The Greatest Opportunity

Soft contents restoration is the greatest opportunity for restoration companies to grow their business.  View this short 9 minute video by one of our Esporta Certified Operators on how they significantly increased their business.

iS4000 Cash price: $44,999 Financed from: $370/bi-weekly

Cash price: $44,999
Financed from: $370/bi-weekly

Easy Financing

Making money restoring soft contents is easier than you expect...especially with our easy financing arrangements.

Online Training and Support

The Esporta iS4000 Washing System features 24/7 online training and support.  No longer will you have to send your staff to expensive courses, incurring travel and living expenses.  And the Esporta SMART technology ensures the optimum quality of restoration for each and every load.


Marketing & Sales Support

Esporta's unique FAST TRACK Program ensures that you are profitable in your first months of operation.  And our owner coaching program is the best in the industry.  Just ask our customers.

Customer Testimonials

We strive to provide the best support and service in the industry to our 500+ customers.  Check out what our customers tell us. Ask us about our numerous customer-hosted webinars that share their experiences making money restoring soft contents.

Esporta Certified Operators

Esporta Certified Operators represent the largest network of textile and soft contents restorers in North America, with over 250 members. Our operators are certified to restore all types of soft contents and are supported by weekly and monthly "best practice" sessions.

Restore...Don't Replace

Esporta's patented technology restore over 90% of the textiles and soft contents in a claim...traditional dry cleaners restore less than 40%.

Restoration Guru

Restoration Guru is about bringing together the best practices in the restoration industry and creating an environment to share those ideas.  Restoration Guru will help you build your team and grow your business.

Maximize your revenues and profits on your existing claim volume.

Tyler Pattat's July 2016 article in Restoration and Remediation Magazine reveals how bringing soft contents and textile restoration in-house was was one of the best business decisions they ever made.

Outsourcing soft contents restoration is a pretty common practice for restoration companies. However, as innovations in cleaning technology grow, some companies like us are making strides to bring that work in-house. We have found this new service not only adds a new source of revenue, but also allows us to have control over how items are cleaned and cared for during the restoration process.

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