Restore soft contents in-house and make more revenue on the jobs you’re already getting.

When restoration companies send their soft contents to a drycleaner in return for a referral fee they might as well send their profits to their competitor. Esporta operators keep that desirable soft contents work and the profit that goes with it. Since we can restore and clean two times what  restoration drycleaners can per claim, your revenue and margins will increase, even with your existing claim volume.


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Gain greater control of your business.

When you bring your soft contents cleaning and restoration in house you gain control of the quality of work and the customer experience from beginning to end. For greater control, the Esporta Wash System tracks load counts, operating costs, wash efficiency and volume by job number making it easy to manage your business and report to insurance companies. 

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Differentiate Yourself From Your Competition

Our patented wash system cleans twice as much as traditional restoration drycleaners. That means you can offer your customers the benefit of getting more of their soft valuables back including those priceless sentimental wedding dresses, quilts and teddy bears. Insurance companies love Esporta because with 90% restoration rates not only does it simplify the claims process it also saves them money.

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Easy Implementation.

We’ve made it easy for hundreds of new Esporta owners to get started. You’ll find the Esporta Wash System is easily installed and easy to learn. We help you every step of the way starting with planning your installation, training, and ongoing operational and marketing support. Esporta integrates with Xactimate estimating software. We even make it easy for you to buy your Esporta System with easy financing and no payments for your first six months OAC.

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Easy on the environment.

Every year, Esporta operators save our landfills from millions of tons of soft contents from being thrown out. Our wash system uses a proprietary detergent that is phosphate free, uses half the water and has a much smaller carbon footprint than traditional washers. 

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Confidence in consistency.

You can count on Esporta to predictably clean and restore soft contents. Even the toughest soot, water damage and bio contamination is no match for Esporta. We have verified 3rd party testing results to prove our wash system consistently delivers 90% of soft contents back to “food grade” clean. Customers and adjusters will be wowed by what you can restore!

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Membership in an exclusive group

When you purchase an Esporta you don’t just buy a piece of advanced technology and an industry changing business system – you join a network of passionate, driven restoration leaders. As a member of the Esporta Certified Operators of North America you’ll benefit from continuous learning and collaborative knowledge of the group, sharing of best practices, training and staying up to date on industry trends. 

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