“Hey by the way Jamie, I just wanted to let you know that you and your staff have been stellar through this process.  Your man Daryl is very responsive he sends me all sorts of information to get started. Same goes for ordering product, you guys get it out same day. It’s been really nice working with you guys so far and look forward to a long relationship in the future. Have a good day. “

Noel McClorey

GM - ServiceMaster of Salem OR

"Daryl's training was an invaluable component in learning the Esporta system.  His expertise and experience allowed us to start producing revenue within  a week of receiving our machine."

"The entire Esporta team has been great.  Our success with the Esporta is success for them and that philosophy influences how they interact with us.  A wonderful customer service based company"

Josh Wilhelm

GM - SERVPRO® of Lake Havasu AZ

Jamie, if I can do anything to help you spread the word about the Esporta technology, I will. We speak highly of the product and you, to anyone that will listen to what we have to say. You guys are pros and operate first class in service.

Sean McCabe

Owner - SERVPRO® of The Upper Bucks PA

The Esporta Wash System is the best purchase we have ever made.

Video Testimonial

Tony Roberts

Owner - SERVPRO® of Pulaski & Laurel Counties/ Madison, Rockcastle, Garrard and Lincoln Counties/ Pike, Floyd & Knott Counties, KY

We started to realize that because we had the Esporta, we were getting more hard contents claims. This allowed us to grow as a full contents company.

Video Testimonial


Tyler Pattat

President - ServiceMaster by Cornerstone, TN

Servpro of Paris has had an Esporta wash for 3 years now and one of the best business decisions that we have made for our company and our customers .Great group of people to work with as well .

Brigitte Viehe

Owner - SERVPRO® of Paris, TX

I highly recommend it [Esporta iS4000 Wash System].  There is nothing that we have been disapointed on with Esporta.  The service has been good and we've already paid our investment off."

Larry Alford

Owner - ServiceMaster by Twins

We have now had the Esporta for 5 months and we have been able to generate $120,000 in soft contents/ textile revenue. (New business). It is a great complement to our fire division as we now just clean the soft contents and we produce far better results than our local dry cleaner. As a result, we are getting more fire work. We have paid our investment off twice over already. Way to go Esporta!  Thank you Jamie for pursuing me on this investment opportunity.

Kris Popp

Owner - SERVPRO® of Berrien County in Benton Harbor MI

We purchased the Esporta Wash System as a away to capture more revenue on the jobs we were already on and to provide that service.  It has been a great fit for our business.

Alma Stump

Owner - ServiceMaster of Idaho Falls

We have had no complaints with our Esporta service.  The training has been great and we got up to speed in a hurry.

Larry Yingling

Owner - ServiceMaster of Mt. Sterling, IL

Stanley Restoration has had a wonderful experience so far with both the ES-3300 and Esporta Wash Systems, Inc. as a whole.   Not only is the ES-3300 well-built and technologically advanced, but it actually has performed as the manufacturer has claimed. In our first few weeks of the Esporta’s operation, we have been able to restore clothing affected from fires, moldy leather jackets, water-damaged purses, and shoes – all items that other restoration cleaners had deemed non-restorable.

Several large national insurance companies have been very impressed with the machine and the results it has provided. Large loss adjusters are excited about the savings that can be realized and last, but definitely not least, several homeowners have been amazed to get their soft goods back that had been written off!

The follow-up, service, and overall commitment to our company’s success from Esporta Wash Systems, Inc. has been excellent. Daryl Nestibo administered an excellent start-up, open house, and training. He has been there for us every step of the way – including educating us on and selling us the machine. We also appreciate Neil Grant and his assistance in continuous education and support as well.

Rob Reynolds

Vice President - Stanley Restoration – Dallas, TX

The Esporta Wash System has been a great investment.

Steve Durham

Owner - SERVPRO® of Paducah/ Murray, Benton, Cadiz & Princeton, KY

I have been eyeing the Esporta for about 10 years.  Six months ago, we took the plunge and its done well for us.  We have had three claims where the adjuster thought they were non-salvageable and we restored each completely.  Those jobs averaged at $10,000 in revenue each.

Scott Mims

Owner - ServiceMaster by Mimsco

The Esporta System makes us a complete restoration company, allows us to secure more structural, EMS & contents jobs and makes us different from our competitors – we clean soft contents that nobody else can. It is a major profit center.

Wayne Etowski

Owner - Showcase Restoration DKI

We are carving a big chunk of business away from the competition because they are still hand washing hard contents and letting the dry cleaners handle all of the soft contents. I believe that this is a game changer. We can provide both more service and a better quality service while saving the insurance companies a substantial amount of money. Where we once did only a couple of pack-outs a year we are now doing about one a week.

The Esporta has helped us increased fire claims by 180%. It is a fantastic marketing tool.  The Esporta also has significantly increased our revenues.  The key is to make the commitment to market the service and what you can provide.

Dean Bates

Owner - SERVPRO® of Bellingham WA

"I like everything about the Esporta Wash System. The machine is delicate on leather, on shoes, and on handbags. We send a few items to the dry cleaner… the smell of the dry cleaned items aren’t as nice. A coat I washed in the wash system looks and smells wonderful compared to the one I sent to the drycleaners. Home owners are really pleased.

Jael Arevalo

Certified Esporta Operator - Stover's Restoration, Maize/Wichita, KS

Purchasing the Esporta for us was a great decision. Esporta has set the bar so high with their training and support that the other vendors we work with just can’t seem to meet that standard.

Lee Knowles

Owner - SERVPRO® of Monroeville/Evergreen/Brewton, AL

Since we have incorporated the Esporta Wash System into our business it has allowed us to deliver a better product than the conventional front load wash machines we owned and we have saved thousands of dollars in dry cleaning expenses. We are currently running about 99% of soft contents through our machine. We may run one or two items from a large fire to the dry cleaners, but that is typically it. My employees are thrilled about it as well; it truly has started to change our company in a great way.

Jason Fletcher

Owner - SERVPRO® of North Central Tazewell County IL

The Esporta has revolutionized the way we operate… it has been one of the best business additions we’ve had in the 30 years we’ve been in business.

Charles Horn

Partner - PDR Louisville KY

Nothing used to burn us more before we got an Esporta, was having a preferred client come to us saying they only use Esporta and we would have our competitor come in and process our soft contents. Not only do you lose out on the contents processing, your losing out on all the time you would bill for the work to be done which equals revenue.

Rory Christie

Owner - First General Services of Lloydminister SK

Our adjusters love the Esporta. We did over $50,000 on laundry in the first quarter of this year. It is very easy to get the contents with no difficulty with adjusters and is a great topic at CE classes.

I was surprised how smoothly soft contents integrated into my current operation.   Credibility has not been a problem - we are on-site, we say we do soft contents, and we get the goods. The CE Classes have been a great way to introduce the Esporta technology. The support from Esporta is fantastic.

Tom Culver

Owner - PDR Tulsa OK

Nothing but great things to say (about the Esporta support), we are busy, the open house went fantastic, everyone just loves the facility. Again any time you need or want to do a promotion seminar as we are centrally located you are more than welcome to use our facility.

With respect to the Esporta’s training services and information systems are second to none. Firstly with your presentation was great and very detailed and you involved all of the staff to the point they had a good understanding in a very short time frame. Also I have never seen the amount of information, documentation available from any other product anywhere else. From the restoration guru, to all of the detailed information on the web site to the constant array of webinars which are full of great content. Great Job!

Ken Klassen

Owner - Priority Restoration – Winnipeg, MB

We have found it to be of great value to my company and our insurance company clients to send our soft contents to the Esporta at FGS in Wilkes-Barre, PA. Not only can we save the insurance company money by not needing much dry cleaning, we can also clean up to 92% of all soft contents. Our former save rate, through dry cleaners was about 29%.   This is a considerable savings for the carriers and pleases most customers who didn’t want to lose those precious items like teddy bears and other heir looms. When we get our own Esporta we hope to develop relations with other restoration contractors to help them with their contents cleaning processes.

Ted Koppel

President – First General Services of NW Pennsylvania

The CE classes that we offer on the Esporta System & the “Soft Content Revolution” brings adjusters & agents to our facility. The result has been a continuous flow of claims. We are so slammed with work our staff could not attend the DKI conference in Chicago.

John Mackenzie

Owner - Mackenzie Restoration DKI

We don't have to write checks anymore to the companies we use to have to sub our soft contents to. We can keep that revenue in-house now by processing with the Esporta.

Jared Maillot

Partner - First General Services of Calgary AB

Esporta is a great addition to the PDR suite and helps us live up to our brand promise of one company delivering outstanding service throughout the entire project on fire and water damage restoration.

Chris Mangan

Owner - PDR of Omaha NE

We did $250,000 in soft contents processing in our first year. We believe the Esporta will own the textile market in 5 years.

Mickey McHenry

Owner - PDR Atlanta/ Macon GA

The Esporta Wash System was the best investment we've made. It added over $626,741 of additional business that we would not have received had we not had the Esporta capability.

Jack Meikle

Owner - PDR of Idaho Falls

Purchasing the Esporta iS4000 allowed us to bringing soft contents in house allowing us to control our costs, deliver a superior service to our clients and best of all, create new revenue to our bottom line. Controlling those costs and saving our clients thousands of dollars definitely secured our long term stability in this industry while providing us with a competitive advantage over the competition. The Esporta iS4000 is working great for us, and the onboard analytics makes it easy to manage!

Alex Mirabelli

First General Services of Thunder Bay ON

Esporta is the most profitable part to our business. We are seeing high margin on soft contents jobs processed through the Esporta Wash System, and what is even better is the fact the we are able to do restoration work our competitors are not capable of doing. Every insurance company that we have worked for has been impressed with our finished product and pricing. People are shocked when they see what we have been able to do and the excitement around our Esporta technology is contagious.

Greg Thode

Owner - PDR Of West King County

Jamie Sands is a great representative for a quality product- something every business owner is happy to come in contact with. He's always just a phone call away (even with a time change) for every question we may have, and takes the time to make sure we fully understand the answer. He delivered a fantastic product and taught us how to use it perfectly... literally changing the dynamic of how our company approaches fire damaged contents, and the way that we are looked at in the industry. We are so happy to be an Esporta customer!

Julie Roberts

Owner - SERVPRO® Kentucky

When it comes down to the services you offer your customers, you cannot be without an Esporta wash machine. We have done our research. Having owned our Esporta machine for over four years, we have not only been profitable, but the services that we can immediately provide to our customers that we would have normally subcontracted out, make our company a leader in soft content restoration in our area! A must have in your growing business!

Louis Sepe

Owner - SERVPRO® of Broome County, Binghamton East, Binghamton West

We made a presentation to the statewide municipal insurer on May 16 and focused on the EWS. This company manages dozens of properties in the state. There was very positive feedback and interest in what we can restore. The result was they will no longer bring (our competitor) in from out of state as has been there practice for years. We will now get the work.

Mark Springer

Owner - DKI Montana

The Esporta Wash System is the most impressive & high impact piece of equipment we have ever purchased – and we have been in business 33 years! Within weeks of start up, it opened doors & created relationships with adjusters & division managers that in our dreams we would have not thought it possible. They have toured our facility, some of them multiple times; others have returned or send staff for all day CE Classes! We have long discussions and show before & after items that we have processed. From the first lunch & learn the adjusters in attendance saw the benefits and responded by sending us claims and bringing us to the attention of their bosses. The Esporta has shifted our revenue base, increased profitability and elevated the visibility of our company far & above our competition.

Janet Parks

Vice President – Stanley Restoration – Cedar Hill, TX

We have not had one complaint from a homeowner or an adjuster. We see this division as our most profitable division in the company.

Ron and Karri Brunink

Owners - SERVPRO® of SE / SW Grand Rapids, MI

Definitely a good investment, keeping the money in house, makes financial sense - does not make sense to sub it out. When we control the entire customer interaction, we build a nice relationship, take their emergency items, do school clothing, work clothes, and are careful how we handle the soft goods invoice. And we send only the occasional item out to be dry cleaned. When CRDN is involved, the customer sees the invoice and they are often upset, stating that if they knew it would be that much money to clean the clothing they would have asked to be paid out.It can be a scary step, but it is the only way to be a turnkey company. You take better care of the customer this way.

Juan Doniz

Owner - SERVPRO® of McAllen, TX

We purchased the Esporta to differentiate our company from our competitors. We also saw a need for this service to provide to our homeowners and insruance companies. We are just starting out but are really excited about the opportunity ahead. We did our first large fire job within the fiorst week of being operational and the results have been great!

Tara and John Brown

Owners - SERVPRO® of Hockessin/Elsmer/ Brandywine / Wilmington, DE

Stover's Restoration is very impressed with the Esporta Wash System. The machine is excellent, and with the training provided, it's doing things we never thought we could do. It’s gone above our expectations. Our customers are very satisfied. On average, we process a claim in 3 days, invoice and are paid within 2 weeks, and the storage area required is minimal. Compare the time, effort & space required for hard contents and soft contents wins hands down. If I could choose, we would only process soft contents. The Esporta has made it fast, simple and easy.

Trace Stover

Owner - Stover's Restoration, Maize/Wichita, KS

The Esporta has been a great machine, it runs nonstop all day, easy to work with, not difficult for my staff to operate, it is amazing the items it can clean. Because we are in a rural area, the FD's are slow to get to fires, and we see a lot of soft goods that would have been a total loss due to heavy smoke, but the Esporta restores them.

Douglas Bailey

Owner - SERVPRO® of Gaylord & Cheboygan MI

Our average soft contents billing through the Esporta is $6,679. We have dedicated 900sqft. I personally think the Esporta is a great investment, especially if you leverage it for more work.

Shaun and Kimberly Morgan

Owners - SERVPRO® of Anson, Stanly & Richmond NC

Our first responders have generated several million dollars in additional business because of the Esporta system. Because we can process such a wide range of items so quickly (shoes, purses & any type of clothing with no ozone required) regardless if it is heavy soot, mold or black water the customer is at our location within hours to pick up emergency items. When they see out state of the art facility with advanced technology they almost always insist we manage their entire claim.

Dan Druml

Owner - PDR Milwaukee, WI

There is no question that 100% of the items washed in an Esporta could be washed in a regular washing machine. HOWEVER, only 25% of those items will come out of the regular washing machine in condition that will please the owner and the vendor doing the work!!

We are very pleased with the purchase of our Esporta System. We have done 2 large commercial jobs which have paid for the system. We got those jobs because we had an Esporta wash system. If we had not had that equipment we would have not received the jobs. There is no question the investment is a good one.

Doug Hadley

Owner - PDR Idaho Falls

I struggled with what type of wash equipment I should purchase. I considered commercial wash machines. But that was taking a step back. I wanted a wash machine that would do it all – any type of contamination, leather items, etc. I also struggled with what should I buy first - Ultrasonics for my hard goods business? I decided that I am doing a good job cleaning hard contents by hand, with the process we have set up. I have no solution for soft contents. I am unhappy with the quality of the drycleaner I use, and the negative effect it often had on my company due to their poor quality, smoke odors, etc. In 3 months I paid my total iS4000 setup investment and will order my ultrasonics on my profits from soft contents. Soft Contents is the highest margin we have.

Keith Harlan

Owner - SERVPRO Durango CO

There has only been one week that we have not ran our Esporta machine since we got up and running. We marketed the Esporta to an insurance company that gave us no work, they gave us one job that we processed. They were very pleased with the results and we now receive about 5 jobs a week from them!

Our main reason was to separate ourselves from our competition.

Keith Trembley

Owner - PDR Bangor ME

The addition of the Esporta technology to our business offering has not only delivered profitable revenue from laundry which we gave away but it has directly resulted in our office being able to sell structure losses we would not have been able to get otherwise. If you want to own your market, you need the Esporta System.

Obi Dorsey

Manager - PDR of North Florida

We purchased the Esporta iS4000 Wash System to increase our market share and keep our existing textile business by offering better quality services. Increase our efficiency and profits, and finally to have another niche that our competitors don't have and take advantage of that through sales and marketing.

Randy Williams

Owner - SERVPRO® of Alexander & Caldwell Counties NC

We use the Esporta and it’s amazing! We have added it to our service line and we are now a full service contents company. Business has been exploding.

Tyler Pattat

Owner - ServiceMaster by Cornerstone

The training on the Esporta was truly excellent. Our staff picked it up real well. The Esporta purchase was a sound business decision, very sound. The investment is worth while. We would do it again.

John Mondy

Owner - SERVPRO® of Flower Mound, TX

It's not what we think of, what we are accustomed to do soft contents, but it's not something to be afraid of. The equipment is good, the training is good and it's easy to put together a team. It's one of the best business decisions I've ever made.

Kyle Carter

Owner - SERVPRO® of Albany & Americus, GA

We wanted to keep it green. We got tired of seeing other restoration and textile companies come in and take revenue away from our business. The industry is challenging and we needed to look for new ways to generate high margin work. The Esporta investment was definitely worth it. We are eager to have a second one.

Mike & Brigitte Viehe

Owners - SERVPRO® of Paris, TX

We had been looking at the Esporta for about 4 or 5 years. We kept procrasinating. Finaly made the decision in the first part of this year (2016). Our first billing in April 19th through the end of May was roughly $41,000. Very good move for our business. I would suggest to any one looking at it and sitting on the fence, they need to do it. You will see a great return on investment.

Allen Alewine

Owner - SERVPRO® of Chesapeake North/ Elizabeth City/Outer Banks VA & NC

Most of our soft contents jobs come from water jobs. Roughly 60-70%. We have trained our staff to ask for the work and there has been no issues with getting it. We work with other SERVPRO franchises and we processes their textiles as well. Esporta is like our savoir, if we didn't have it, we would be at the laundromat, which is not fun!

Mike and Cheryl Praytor

Owners - SERVPRO® of Hyde Park, TX

“We're CONSTANTLY running our Esporta.  As Keith likes to say...it pretty much hasn't stopped running since the day we got it!!  We are currently working on about 1000lbs of household items from a fire loss.   It definitely is one of our best pieces of equipment :)”

Molly Harlan

Partner - SERVPRO® of A.L.M.S - Durango, CO

“I feel as though the Esporta Wash System has had a lot to do with our growth.  Some of it depends on the frequency of opportunities through disasters.  However, we are able to clean more and restore more than we did before using Esporta.  As a matter of fact, we have come behind our competitors to clean soft goods that they were unwilling to touch - items they deemed unsalvageable as well as those they were not equipped to address such as shoes, purses, leathers, spot clean only, etc . . . Our estimates are 25% larger as we are able to clean 25% more than our competitors can.  As we continue to prove ourselves to adjusters and agents, I anticipate further growth.”

Chris Lodge

Esporta Operator - ServiceMaster by Twins

This is an amazing system and we love being able to offer this additional service to our customers.

Alma Stumpp

Owner - ServiceMaster of Idaho Falls

Great system. Terrific support from Esporta team.

Josh Solloway

Owner - Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration

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