We know that in the convoluted, complicated and complex world of property insurance claims there is a standard mantra adhered to by many, if not all, insurance companies.  “We want to pay what we owe.”  We understand that this means you want to ensure that your customers are well served in their time of crisis and that you want to do it in a fashion that is fiscally responsible.

Customer satisfaction is a primary concern for underwriters – you want happy customers so they continue to insure with you amidst the hyper-competitive insurance market.  And, you want them to speak glowingly of how they have been taken care of so that perhaps their circle of friends will consider insuring with you.   You want to accomplish all this as efficiently and effectively as possible to keep costs to a minimum – without intentionally reducing payments to claimants.  Insurance companies have come under scrutiny and subsequent criticism for some say is an intentional effort to reduce claim payments.

What if you could increase customer satisfaction while decreasing settlement costs?

Technologies exist today that enable your vendors – restoration contractors – to restore an average of 85% of soft contents that were traditionally cashed out.  This technology didn’t exist in the insurance restoration industry 8 years ago, but it has been slowly revolutionizing how soft contents claims are being settled.  For the most part when soft contents are cashed out the only people who “win” are retailers.   Your customers may end up with some new articles, but the arduous process of determining values and having to repurchase everything is far more complicated than if those articles were simply restored to pre-loss condition.  This is particularly significant when it pertains to sentimental items – heirlooms, one-of-kinds, collectibles, irreplaceable favorites – it is the restoration of these valuables that can be the difference between your customer being a raving fan or a raging fanatic.

So how do adjusters owe less than you think they owe?

Well, the technology that restores an average of 85% of what you previously cashed out does it at an average cleaning cost of 20% of replacement value – that’s a savings of 80%.

Restoration contractors utilizing the Esporta Wash System technology have saved insurance companies a ton of money on well over 10,000+ claims, and they are changing the paradigm for how soft contents claims are being settled.  We now have the technology to restore and not replace.   And, this technology is not exclusive to one restoration network.  Restoration contractors from over a dozen networks are utilizing this technology across North America to increase the satisfaction of your customers, and lower your settlement costs.

Click here to see some before and after photos of articles that would have previously been cashed out. http://www.esporta.ca/gallery/photo-gallery/

If your adjusters are not utilizing restoration contractors certified in the Esporta Wash System for soft contents then you are paying more than you owe.  Esporta Certified Operators will ensure that when it comes to the restoration of soft contents, all you will pay is what you truly owe.


Click here for a map of Esporta Certified Operators across North America. http://www.econanetwork.com/Locations/

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The first step towards transforming your business is as simple as filling in this form.

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