Results from national claim satisfaction surveys such as J.D. Power & Associates' study "How Homeowners Really Feel", revealed how policyholders felt about their claim process.  Making decisions on how a claim is handled based on the results of this study can help you achieve higher claim satisfaction.  Key takeaways from the study include:

Policyholders prefer fewer points of contact  

 By selecting a full-service restoration company that can provide emergency, in-house contents restoration (hard & soft contents), and re-build, you will reduce the required points of contact and produce higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Restoration produces higher satisfaction than ACV settlement

Policyholders would rather have their own items restored and returned to them then a depreciated cash out.  By selecting restorers that can provide higher rates of restoration, you will not only enjoy reduced claim settlement costs but also have happier customers.


Restoration Contractors Deliver the Highest Customer Satisfaction

Restoration companies have a track record for producing the highest level of customer service.  Having a company with this track record handle your soft contents, textiles, and laundry will go a long way in boosting customer satisfaction ratings. 


When a policyholder experiences a loss, there is one thing that is top of mind for the insurer: customer satisfaction.  Insurance adjusters and claims managers are focused on delivering a positive claim experience to ensure they come out the other side of the claim with a satisfied customer.  The insurance professionals rely upon their partners, the restorers, to assist them in providing that positive customer claim experience.

There are few things that will have as great an impact on customer satisfaction as the contents in a home and how they are handled.   Soft contents, clothing, and textiles make up the largest percentage of contents in a home and often come with the greatest level of sentimental value.  Children's favorite stuffed animals and blankets, heirloom quilts, wedding gowns, and designer hand bags have such a high level of sentimental value that they could not be replaced for any amount of money.

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