If you are in the fire damage repair business, a great way to connect with your community is through Twitter.  As you build your audience of Twitter followers you have the opportunity to communicate with a large group of people -  some of which could be potential customers.  In addition, Twitter can be a source of information to stay up to date on current events in the fire damage repair industry.  If you follow the right people and organizations on twitter, you will be up to date on current hot topics and have sufficient content to share with your audience. 

Here is a list of 11 best fire damage repair Twitter feeds to follow (in no particular order):

Property Casualty 360

Property Casualty 360 is a magazine that is intended for insurance professionals and has good insight into the industry and their hot topics.  Follow their twitter feed @PC_360 for trending insurance topics and plenty of re-tweetable content.


National Fire Protection Association

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) is an international nonprofit organization that creates standards to prevent harm from fire, electrical, and other related hazards.  Following their Twitter feed @NFPA will help you become educated on topics that are important to fire departments as well as your community at large.  An essential follow for anyone in the fire damage repair business.



The IICRC sets standards for the cleaning and restoration industry.  If you are in the Fire Damage Repair Business, then the IICRC impacts your business.  Follow their Twitter Feed  @theIICRC for industry updates and re-tweet worthy content.


Patricia Harman

Patricia Harman is a well known name in both the insurance and restoration industries.   Patricia is now the Editor in Chief at Claims Magazine and was formerly the Director of Standards and Communication for the Restoration Industry Association (RIA).  When Patricia left the RIA, they renamed their editorial award after her when she left the association to recognize her contributions to the industry and the magazine.  Follow @PC360_Claims for insurance related information.


R&R Magazine

The Restoration and Remediation Magazine is published for fire damage repair professionals and water damage repair professionals.  Their Twitter feed @RnRMag will provide you with digital content from their magazine to keep you up to date with current topics and trends.



The Restoration Industry Association (RIA) is the restoration industry's oldest and largest association.  The RIA sets standards related to fire damage repair and water damage repair as well as providing education and networking opportunities for its members.  Follow @RIAtweets for industry reports and training opportunities.


Seth Godin

Seth Godin is a marketing genius.  His work isn't related to specifically to the restoration industry but his Twitter feed @ThisIsSethsBlog will provide you with a direct line to the musings of a marketing legend.  The ideas and concepts shared can be applied to your restoration business to help you grow it.


Canadian Underwriter

The Canadian Underwriter is a publication for insurance professionals in Canada and their Twitter feed @CdnUnderwriter will help you get into the mind of the insurer as well as give you relevant insurance industry reports and information from both the USA and Canada.


Firefighter Nation

The Firefigher Nation provides news and community for firefighters all around the world and is connected to FIRERESCUE Magazine.  Follow @firenation to get a better understanding of what the firefighters in your community are facing.  You will also get plenty of relevant and re-tweetable content that you can share with your Twitter audience.


Insurance Bureau

Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) is the national industry association representing Canada’s private home, auto and business insurers.  Follow @InsuranceBureau for storm updates, insurance hot topics, and re-tweetable safety tips.


American Red Cross

The American Red Cross can be found at just about any disaster situation from fire to flood and and almost everything in between.  They provide the essentials: shelter, food, and water for victims in their time of need.  When you follow @RedCross you will receive updates on disasters as well as disaster preparation tips.

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NeilNeil Grant was born and raised in British Columbia, Canada.  A graduate of the UBC School of Business, Neil is a senior account manager at Esporta Wash Systems Inc.  Over the past 11 years, Neil has been helping restoration companies succeed and stand out in their marketplace through in-house soft contents, textile, and laundry restoration.  In his free time, Neil loves to ski, hike, and mountain bike in the British Columbia Mountains with his wife, two children, and their dog Duke.


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