Case Study: Restoring Soft Contents Deemed as “Non-Restorable” using the Esporta Wash System



Stanley Restoration of Dallas, Texas is a full service restoration and reconstruction company. Founded in 1981, Stanley Restoration provides Dallas / Fort Worth emergency restoration services to locations throughout the Metroplex, with a guaranteed immediate response 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Stanley Restoration is certified in the use of the patented Esporta Wash System for the Restoration of Soft Contents. The Esporta Wash System utilizes hydraulic pressure to force proprietary and environmentally friendly cleaning agents through the goods being restored. This patented process features safe hold technology that minimizes mechanical action or agitation resulting in a safer cleaning process for a wide variety of soft contents including leathers, suedes, sporting goods, stuffed items, and laundry.



Stanley Restoration was engaged by one of the leading national insurers to evaluate their specialty cleaning process. As part of the evaluation, Stanley Restoration was given soft content items that had previously been considered non-restorable by a restoration drycleaner using traditional cleaning methods. These soft contents had been affected by smoke and soot in a single house fire. Stanley Restoration utilized the Esporta Wash System to restore the soft contents.



After restoring and finishing the soft contents, the insurance adjuster was brought in to evaluate the restored goods. Over 87% of the soft contents were deemed to have been restored to pre-loss condition. These restored goods had a replacement value of $16,152.50 with cleaning charges of $1,726.52. This represented savings of over 89% for the insurer. The table below, provides a detailed breakdown of each of those items, their replacement value, and the associated cleaning charges.


Understanding the outcome:

The Esporta Wash System is unique from other traditional washing machines because of its complete system approach. When using a traditional washing machine, a user will add their chosen blend of detergents to the wash. The articles being cleaned, aggressively tumble and agiate around inside the wash cylinder. The agitation created in this process combined with the detergents provides the cleaning action. The Esporta Wash System is comprised of three components: 1) Patented Esporta Washing Machine, 2) standardized and proprietary wash recipes, 3) four stages of proprietary detergents and disinfectants. The unique cleaning process employed through the Esporta Wash System allows certified operators to clean a wider variety of items with a greater degree of success.

The Data:

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