Our Esporta Guarantee is Scientifically Tested

We have documented 3rd party laboratory validation demonstrating that the Esporta wash system consistently delivers 90% of soft contents back to ‘food grade clean’. Traditional washing technology recovers less than 40%.

What is food grade clean?

After our treatment, products are clean enough to eat off. At Esporta, we offer a guarantee that 90% of soft contents will be restored to food grade clean - regardless of damage. The Esporta washing technology is capable of cleaning category 1, 2, and 3 water, heavy smoke, and soot damage.

Our game-changing, patented technology is also capable of cleaning:

Bacteria, viruses, sewage, soot, grime, mold, biowaste and mildew. 

Soft contents that can be cleaned include:

Clothing, bedding, comforters, pillows, sleeping bags, linens, rugs, jackets, suedes, furs, linens, stuffed animals, shoes, hats, belts, purses 

Everything is cleaned to:

Food Grade Clean Levels 

Why Does The Esporta Guarantee Matter?

Armed with game-changing washing technology, you’ll earn the respect of insurance companies and your clients.

Capable of cleaning 90% of soft contents, the Esporta saves insurance companies millions in replacement costs by reducing the number of items that are cashed out. The Esporta technology produces faster and simpler claim settlements, delighted policyholders, and reduces claim settlement costs.

Quality Control

Insurance underwriters and adjusters appreciate and acknowledge the capability that comes with the Esporta guarantee. They understand the consistent quality control available to the restoration company that has the skills, training, and support to utilize unparalleled washing technology.

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The first step towards transforming your business is as simple as filling in this form.

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